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What is County 2 County?

We are an online business directory helping local businesses to thrive!

How do I add my Business?

Click on the 'add listing' button and follow the instructions.

Is It Free to Join?

A 'County Basic' listing is completely FREE

Can I Advertise on your website?

Yes simply visit the Advertise with us page

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Which Payment Method do you use – Paypal or Standard Banking Payments
  • Can I add my Website and Social Media Links – This Option is available on the County Gold or County VIP Listing Memberships
  • Can I update my Business profile (Listing) as much as I want – Yes, once you have created your business profile we recommend updating the Listing regularly to drive new traffic and enhance the user experience.
  • Is your Website Secure – Our website has an SSL Certificate and use Hosting from a Nationally recognised provider
  • Can I cancel my membership at anytime – County Basic membership is free and can be cancelled at anytime.  County Gold and County VIP are annual memberships and although they can be cancelled at anytime, No refund would be paid once your Listing is live with your business profile
  • I have visited or experienced a product or service with one  of your listings, can I leave a review – Businesses learn and develop from Customer reviews so please leave your comments in a positive and constructive manner within the relevant areas.